Great Profiles - Great Ideas!

KÜGELE has also conceived many other innovative profile systems which are well established in the market such as the 2-part clip system, DUO GRIP®, and the 3-part aluminium screw system, TRIO GRIP®.

All new KÜGELE products undergo technical tests and certification by the Technical University of Vienna. This ensures the exceptionally high of new product developments.
KÜGELE owns patents and registered designs for its products which ensure ongoing market leadership in flooring profiles.


Results of development are demonstrated by the recent introduction
of TRIO GRIP® twist, a 3-part tiltable aluminium screw system.

Also new in our assortement the stair nosing:
3515 DL - available drilled or undrilled (sealing
lip available in grey or black)

   And also the end profile 16070 or 16100, one-part, anodized, 
                                                               undrilled from 7 mm or from 10 mm onwards laminate